Protect with RedSpam's BGP solution

Protect your infrastructure and your customers with BGP redirection

Cyber-attacks are exponentially growing in the current lockdown climate.

So much so that business’ need to make sure they have effective protection to fight the daily attacks from hackers trying to either use you to as a gateway or to outright steal your data.

RedSpam’s solution is out BGP service, where traffic is redirected into one of our scrubbing centres to be inspected and any threat is dropped by dedicated scrubbing devices. This way we catch any threat to your network and the relevant traffic is forwarded to your network. We do this by using a parent and child model, where we are able to gather data from edge routers to assess the threat level of each customer, only allowing those who are not a threat to your network.

On top of our BGP solution as a customer of RedSpam, you will have access to our RedSpam portal where you can view in-depth packet analysis of all monitored network activity.

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